Sports Performance

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With today’s escalating competitiveness, athletes need to take every possible performance advantage to avoid excess stress or strain that can lead to injury and diminish peak performance forever.

Get the competitive edge with Biametrics — human force measurements that isolate small, key differences that can be used in training programs to produce performance gains.

Athletic performance is influenced by individual biagenics – genetics that influence the dominate pathways between power, strength and speed. By measuring and adjusting natural tendencies, athletes get the edge to dominate their field.

Bertec’s Biametric products provide a clear, functional interpretation of physical performance data so coaches and trainers can tailor training for peak athletic performance.

The Biametrics Sports Plate is a force plate that reveals the amount and speed of force produced in three different directions. By tailoring training to optimize the balance between speed and time, athletes can produce his or her peak power performance.

The Biametrics Force Bar measures forces exerted by the arms or hands and has wide application for many sports including ski jumping, baseball, tennis, golf, and gymnastics.

The Biametrics Treadmill is fully-instrumented to precisely measured all force and moment components involved in locomotion.