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Interdisciplinary Approach in Concussion Management with Treatment Strategies

Date, Time, and Location

January 22nd & 23rd, 2016
Banner Concussion Center
Phoenix, AZ

This two day course will focus on the evaluation and treatment management of concussion from several different clinical perspectives. The presentations will emphasize a team approach to evaluating this diagnosis, including both lectures and labs to provide a greater understanding of the tools and treatment techniques used by different disciplines. Participants from all disciplines (physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, athletic trainers, etc.) are welcome.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the physician perspective on evaluation and treatment of concussion versus post-concussion syndrome
  • Identify and understand the role of the physician in medication management of post-concussion syndrome including neuropsychiatric symptoms, physical symptoms, cognitive symptoms and sleep disturbance
  • Define the role of neuro-optometry in the multi-disciplinary approach to concussion management
  • Recognize visual deficits related to concussion and demonstrate appropriate treatment strategies for functional visual retraining
  • Discuss evidence based practices on return to play progression models from and athletic trainer’s perspective
  • Utilize evidence based practice on the evaluation and treatment of vestibular disorders related to mTBI
  • Understand the use of audiology and when to utilize this service from both a physician and therapist perspective
  • Identify and demonstrate appropriate treatment strategies for dizziness and balance deficits related to mTBI
  • Define how education is defining best practices for cognitive rest, academic accommodations and return to learn after concussion
  • Define the role of nutritional assessment and management with mTBI

Continuing education credits are available for this course! For registration information please view the conference brochure.

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