The Bertec Balance Advantage

You asked, we delivered. Your comments and concerns have been heard. Your expectations for new balance technology are being met with: immersive virtual reality, highly sensitive dual force plates, light weight low profile design, separate operator and patient screens, touchscreen capabilities, intuitive software navigation, versatile portability options, and a modular protocol inventory.



Bertec Balance Advantage – Dynamic CDP

Combines immersive virtual reality with highly sensitive dynamic force plate capabilities. Replicating a visual environment in an immersive setting enhances assessment and training, providing a valuable rehabilitation resource leading to improved outcomes.


Bertec Balance Advantage – Essential

An objective tool to evaluate balance with normative data to ensure evidence based medical practice. Innovations include: highest sensitivity and the ability to bring balance services beyond clinic walls.

Functional_Foam_One leg

Bertec Balance Advantage – Functional

Balance is an essential part of daily life. The assessments and training of the Functional reflect those needed in daily activities. The structuring of a diagnostic and treatment plan, integrating functional activities, leads to improved outcomes.


Bertec Balance Advantage – Sport

The portability of the system allows for baseline information gathering, injury management and peak performance training, wherever you need to be. Whether you are in the clinic or at the training facility, you will be able to bring a level of objective, evidence based medicine to your practice.


Bertec Balance Advantage – Vision Advantage

Evaluating a patient’s use of visual information is an essential component of a balance assessment. The Bertec Vision Advantage system extends your evaluation with an assessment of vision stability during head movement, in part a function of the Vestibulo Ocular Reflex (VOR). The system provides tools for VOR assessment, enabling clinicians to make treatment decisions based on objective data. The data also establish an objective baseline, making it easier to monitor and document patient progress

Covered by US Patent Numbers 8543540B1, 8544347B1, D689388S, D689389S and Multiple Patents Pending

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