Bertec Balance Advantage – Sport

Sport Product PackageSolution

  • Bertec Balance Advantage™ software
  • Standardized protocols with normative data
  • Unsurpassed classroom education
  • Dual balance plate, 1500lb load capacity
  • 18″x30″ plate with low 1.5″ profile
  • Configured to meet your needs
  • One year parts and labor warranty with ongoing support
  • Patient data can be synchronized with other stand-alone Bertec systems


  • Limits of Stability
  • mCTSIB
  • Rhythmic Weight Shift
  • Unilateral Stance
  • Weight Bearing Squat
  • Instrumented Balance Error Scoring System (BESS)
  • Optional: COBALT Concussion Protocol™


  • Seated
  • Mobility
  • Closed Chain
  • Weight Shifting
  • Quick Training

Covered by US Patent Numbers 8543540B1, 8544347B1, D689388S and Multiple Patents Pending

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