Research Papers

For more than twenty years, researchers and clinicians have relied on Bertec products, and have shared their findings and published papers.

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ASME Conference

Robinovitch 2001 :

Impact severity during a backward fall depends on the timing of the “squat” protective response during descent
 (111.18 kilobytes)

Acta Orthopaedica Scandinavica

Gok 2002 :

Kinetic and kinematic characteristics of gait in patients with medial knee arthrosis
 (158.72 kilobytes)

Acta Otolaryngologica

Ardic 2000 :

Paraspinal muscle response to electrical vestibular stimulation
 (800.44 kilobytes)

Advance for Directors of Rehabilitation

Esquenazi 2006 :

Gait training enters the high-tech age
 (184.2 kilobytes)

American Journal of Human Biology

Benderlioglu 2004 :

Digit length ratios predict reactive aggression in women, but not in men
 (137.47 kilobytes)

American Journal of Sports Medicine

Bush-Joseph 2001 :

Dynamic function after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with autologous patellar tendon
 (1021.13 kilobytes)
Chappell 2002 :

A comparison of knee kinetics between male and female recreational athletes in stop-jump tasks
 (141.15 kilobytes)
Decker 1999 :

Serratus anterior muscle activity during selected rehabilitation exercises
 (133.16 kilobytes)
Decker 2003 :

Subscapularis muscle activity during selected rehabilitation exercises
 (319.87 kilobytes)
Hooper 2001 :

Open and closed kinetic chain exercises in the early period after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
 (75.28 kilobytes)
MacWilliams 1998 :

Characteristic Ground-Reaction Forces in Baseball Pitching
 (164.9 kilobytes)
Noyes 2000 :

High Tibial osteotomy and Ligament reconstruction for varus angulated anterior cruciate ligament-deficient knees
 (463.97 kilobytes)
Pollo 2002 :

Reduction of medial compartment loads with valgus bracing of the osteoarthritic knee
 (267.74 kilobytes)
Yu 2004 :

Immediate effects of a knee brace with a constraint to knee extension on knee kinematics and ground reaction forces in a stop-jump task
 (92.96 kilobytes)

Applied Ergonomics

Cutlip 2000 :

A comparison of different postures for scaffold end-frame disassembly
 (354.75 kilobytes)
Cutlip 2002 :

Optimal hand locations for safe scaffold-end-frame disassembly
 (226.93 kilobytes)


Clayton-Equine Locomotion Book Chapter ISBN070202483 :

Chapter 3: Measurement Techniques for Gait Analysis (by Clayton)
 (836.75 kilobytes)

British Journal of Psychology

Maylor 2001 :

Effects of spatial and nonspatial cognitive activity on postural stability
 (309.76 kilobytes)

Clinical Biomechanics

Andriacchi 1996 :

Evaluation of alternative marking/processing protocols to derive joint spatial data (abstract)
 (128.9 kilobytes)
Chiari 2002 :

Stabilometric parameters are affected by anthropometry and foot placement
 (384.57 kilobytes)
Davis 1998 :

Evaluation of spinal loading during lowering and lifting
 (891.33 kilobytes)
Jorgensen 2000 :

The effect of lumbar back support tension on trunk muscle activity
 (64.16 kilobytes)
Mackey 2005 :

Postural steadiness during quiet stance does not associate with ability to recover balance in older women
 (262.31 kilobytes)
Otis 1996 :

Load sharing at the knee during valgus bracing for medial compartment osteoarthritis (abstract)
 (130.15 kilobytes)
Whittle 1997 :

Force platform measurement of the heelstrike transient in normal walking (abstract)
 (232.97 kilobytes)
Yavuzer 2006 :

The effects of balance training on gait late after stroke: a randomized controlled trial
 (258.14 kilobytes)


Duarte 2000 :

Stabilographic analysis of unconstrained standing
 (292.67 kilobytes)
Ferguson 2002 :

Spinal loading when lifting from industrial storage bins
 (558.05 kilobytes)
Hanson 1999 :

Predicting slips and falls considering required and available friction
 (290.81 kilobytes)
Pline 2006 :

Influence of fatigue time and level on increases in postural sway
 (431.47 kilobytes)

Experimental Brain Research

Clapp 1999 :

Light touch contributions to balance in normal bipedal stance
 (58.48 kilobytes)
Duarte 2002 :

Effects of body lean and visual information on the equilibrium maintenance during stance
 (295 kilobytes)
Elger 1999 :

Integration of the hand in postural reactions to sustained sideways force at the pelvis
 (135.38 kilobytes)
Gilles 1999 :

Lateral balance organisation in human stance in response to a random or predictable perturbation
 (154.42 kilobytes)
Scholz 2001 :

Effects of varying task constraints on solutions to joint coordination in a sit-to-stand task
 (339.9 kilobytes)
Wing 1997 :

Anticipatory postural adjustments in stance and grip Gait and Posture
 (568.07 kilobytes)


Edginton 2007 :

Usage of fractal analysis in evaluating health and disease
 (71.91 kilobytes)

Gait and Posture

Cham 2002 :

Heel contact dynamics during slip events on level and inclined surfaces
 (330.94 kilobytes)
Chiari 2000 :

An improved technique for the extraction of stochastic parameters from stabilograms
 (134.43 kilobytes)
Chou 2004 :

Dynamic instability during obstacle crossing following traumatic brain injury
 (218.74 kilobytes)
Conforto 2001 :

Hemodynamics as a possible internal mechanical disturbance to balance
 (199.18 kilobytes)
Feldman 2005 :

Neuromuscular versus behavioural influences on reaching performance in young and elderly women
 (380.83 kilobytes)
Growney 1997 :

Repeated measures of adult normal walking using a video tracking system
 (1.32 megabytes)
Hof 2005 :

Assessment of two-dimensional induced accelerations from measured kinematic and kinetic data
 (345.73 kilobytes)
Kim 2003 :

Symmetry in vertical ground reaction force is accompanied by symmetry in temporal but not distance variables of gait in persons with stroke
 (258.4 kilobytes)
Kim 2004 :

Magnitude and pattern of 3D kinematic and kinetic gait profiles in persons with stroke: relationship to walking speed
 (208.69 kilobytes)
King 1997 :

Extracting gravity line displacement from stabilographic recordings
 (826.75 kilobytes)
King 2002 :

Periods of extreme ankle displacement during one-legged standing
 (182.92 kilobytes)
Lomaglio 2005 :

Muscle strength and weight-bearing symmetry relate to sit-to-stand performance in individuals with stroke
 (126.83 kilobytes)
Manal 2002 :

Knee moment profiles during walking: errors due to soft tissue movement of the shank and the influence of the reference coordinate system
 (329.96 kilobytes)
Mazza 2005 :

Sequencing sit-to-stand and upright posture for mobility limitation assessment: determination of the timing of the task phases from force platform data
 (168.89 kilobytes)
Reisman 2002 :

Coordination underlying the control of whole body momentum during sit-to-stand
 (280.35 kilobytes)
Schrodt 2004 :

Characteristics of stepping over an obstacle in community dwelling older adults under dual-task conditions
 (98 kilobytes)
Tokuno 2003 :

Postural and movement adaptations by individuals with a unilateral below-knee amputation during gait initiation
 (279.32 kilobytes)
Williams 2004 :

High-arched runners exhibit increased leg stiffness compared to low-arched runners
 (123.84 kilobytes)

Hormones and Behavior

Benderlioglu 2004 :

Digit length ratios predict reactive aggression in women, but not in men
 (203.9 kilobytes)

Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing

Marras 1997 :

A non-MVC EMG normalization technique for the trunk musculature: Part 2. Validation and use to predict spinal loads
 (353.63 kilobytes)

Human Movement Science

Chiari 2000 :

Classification of visual strategies in human postural control by stochastic parameters
 (265.7 kilobytes)
Whittle 1997 :

Three-dimensional motion of the center of gravity of the body during walking
 (346.9 kilobytes)

Journal of American Geriatrics Society

Marigold 2005 :

Exercise leads to faster postural reflexes, improved balance and mobility, and fewer falls in older persons with chronic stroke
 (120.49 kilobytes)

Journal of Anxiety Disorders

Jacob 1995 :

Optic flow-induced sway in anxiety disorders associated with space and motion discomfort
 (682.63 kilobytes)

Journal of Biomechanical Engineering

Anderson 2001 :

Dynamic optimization of human walking
 (228.8 kilobytes)

Journal of Biomechanics

Cham 2001 :

Lower extremity corrective reactions to slip events
 (261.95 kilobytes)
Fathallah 1997 :

A method for measuring external spinal loads during unconstrained free-dynamic lifting
 (268.26 kilobytes)
Geil 2000 :

Comparison of methods for the calculation of energy storage and return in a dynamic elastic response prosthesis
 (134.78 kilobytes)
Granata 1996 :

A method for measuring external loads during dynamic lifting exertions
 (405 kilobytes)
Hughes 2000 :

Effect of optimizing criterion on spinal force estimates during asymmetric lifting
 (194.17 kilobytes)
Hurwitz 1998 (January) :

Dynamic knee loads during gait predict proximal tibial bone distribution
 (239.6 kilobytes)
Hurwitz 1998 (June) :

Hip motion and moments during gait relate directly to proximal femoral bone mineral density in patients with hip osteoarthritis
 (615.13 kilobytes)
Hurwitz 2003 :

A new parametric approach for modeling hip forces during gait
 (284.75 kilobytes)
Marras 1997 :

Spine loading during trunk lateral bending motions
 (780.44 kilobytes)
Moisio 2003 :

Normalization of joint moments during gait: a comparison of two techniques
 (100.97 kilobytes)
Papa 1999 :

A telescopic inverted-pendulum model of the musculo-skeletal system and its use for the analysis of the sit-to-stand motor task
 (384.74 kilobytes)
Robinovitch 2000 :

Impact severity in self-initiated sits and falls associated with center-of-gravity excursion during descent
 (263.25 kilobytes)
Yu 1996 :

Calibration of measured center of pressure of a new stairway design for kinetic analysis of stair climbing
 (289.95 kilobytes)

Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology

Marras 2001 :

A non-MVC EMG normalization technique for the trunk musculature: Part 2. Validation and use to predict spinal loads
 (191.8 kilobytes)

Journal of Occupational Rehab

Rogers 2001 :

Training to reduce postural sway and increase functional reach in the elderly
 (37.11 kilobytes)

Journal of Orthopaedic Research

Nagura 2002 :

Mechanical loads at the knee joint during deep flexion
 (443.57 kilobytes)

Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy

Tsai 2006 :

Comparison of different structural foot types for measures of standing postural control
 (542.15 kilobytes)

Journal of Rehab Research and Development

Finley 2002 :

Reliability of biomechanical variables during wheelchair ergometry testing
 (103.43 kilobytes)
Rodgers 2001 :

Influence of training on biomechanics of wheelchair propulsion
 (58.6 kilobytes)

Journal of Sports Rehabilitation

Powers 2004 :

Six weeks of strength and proprioception training does not affect muscle fatigue and static balance in functional ankle instability
 (4.29 megabytes)

Journal of Sports Sciences

Abraham 2001 :

Communications to the annual conference of the British association of sport and exercise sciences (BASES)
 (260.86 kilobytes)

Knee Surgery, Sports Traumatology, Arthroscopy

Rudolph 2000 :

Dynamic stability after ACL injury: who can hop?
 (125.3 kilobytes)
Rudolph 2001 :

Dynamic stability in the anterior cruciate ligament deficient knee
 (227.83 kilobytes)


Girardi 2002 :

The BalanceTrak 500 normative data
 (3.67 megabytes)

Measurement in Physical Education and Exercise Science

Aragon-Vargas 2000 :

Evaluation of four vertical jump tests: methodology, reliability, validity, and accuracy
 (51.14 kilobytes)


Shafiq 2001 :

Marker detection and trajectory generation algorithms for a multicamera based gait analysis system
 (996.83 kilobytes)

Medical Engineering and Physics

Borzelli 1999 :

Inter- and intra-individual variability of ground reaction forces during sit-to-stand with principal component analysis
 (138.02 kilobytes)

Medical and Biological Engineering and Computing

Cappello 2004 :

Periodical in-situ re-calibration of force platforms: a new method for the robust estimation of the calibration matrix
 (241.76 kilobytes)
Rocchi 2004 :

Feature selection of stabilometric parameters based on principal component analysis
 (327.34 kilobytes)

Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise

Hunter 2004 :

Interaction of step length and step rate during sprint running
 (285.64 kilobytes)
Kernozek 2005 :

Gender differences in frontal and sagittal plane biomechanics during drop landings
Kraemer 2000 :

Influence of compression hosiery on physiological response to standing fatigue in women
 (1.32 megabytes)

Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery

Amin-Otolaryngology 2000 :

Normative data for Balance Track 500 (abstract)
 (1.34 megabytes)

Otology and Neurotology

Amin 2002 :

A comparison of electronystagmography results with posturography findings from the BalanceTrak 500
 (3.6 megabytes)

Philosophical Transactions Royal Society of London

Otten 1999 :

Balancing on a narrow ridge: biomechanics and control
 (744.83 kilobytes)

Reviews in Clinical Gerontology

Baloh 2002 :

Disequilibrium and gait disorders in older people
 (158.81 kilobytes)

Safety Science

Cham 2002 :

Heel contact dynamics during slip events on level and inclined surfaces
 (281.93 kilobytes)

Surgical Endoscopy

Gillette 2003 :

Changes in postural mechanics associated with different types of minimally invasive surgical training exercises
 (135.49 kilobytes)

The Laryngoscope

Girardi 2001 :

Predicting fall risks in an elderly population: computer dynamic posturography versus electronystagmography test results
 (3.82 megabytes)

University of Delaware Publications

Benoit 2006 :

An integrated approach for improving gait in a stroke population: combining robotics, FES and neuromusculoskeletal
 (396.23 kilobytes)
Zeni 2006 :

Familiarization to walking on a split-belt treadmill: kinetics, kinematics and spatio-temporal parameters
 (21.3 kilobytes)

Bertec Publications

Periodically Bertec publishes papers relating to our in-house testing and new products. The following are a few of these articles.

Better Fits for Lower-limb Prosthetics :

Better fits for lower-limb prosthetics
 (88.56 kilobytes)
Collecting Valid Data from Force Plates :

Collecting valid data from force plates: how many subjects must alter their gait?
 (449.71 kilobytes)
Eye Motion Parameters Correlate with Level of Experience :

Eye motion parameters correlate with level of experience in video-assisted surgery: objective testing of three tasks
 (113.81 kilobytes)
Instrumented Treadmills Reducing the Need for Gait Labs :

Instrumented treadmills: reducing the need for gait labs
 (72.09 kilobytes)
Probability of Valid Gait Data Acquisition :

Probability of valid gait data acquisition using currently available force plates
 (1.4 megabytes)