Force Plates

"We evaluated center of pressure accuracy using static and dynamic tests on competitive force plates. The Bertec force plate's measurement error of 2mm or less with 98% repeatability was far superior to its competitor. Accurate center of pressure measurements was critical to us and we felt confident about our purchase."
McPhail Equine Performance Center
Michigan State University

The choice of leading gait researchers, clinicians and trainers

Trust our proven track record. Leading gait researchers choose Bertec force plates. Thousands of research projects in hundreds of clinics and labs around the world have relied on Bertec force plates to compute forces, moments, directions, torques, and centers of pressure and have enjoyed . . .

  • Both top-mount and foot-mount options available
  • Documented, superior accuracy with no drift
  • Superb resolution with 0% cross-talk -- best on the market
  • No signal interference from outside sources with 100% digital encoding
  • Wide range of sizes and load capacities
  • Strongest industry warranty -- 7 years on hardware and electronics!

Bertec force plates have been specifically designed for gait, balance, ergonomic and sports analyses using strain gage technology, innovative designs, and quality manufacturing.

Force plates are available in a variety of sizes and load ranges and can be used with any motion analysis system including camera-based systems using passive markers, active markers or magnetic sensors.

The force plate signal is fed into your choice of amplifier -- digital, analog or dual digital/analog output. The digital signal output can be directly plugged into a standard USB port without the requirement of an additional PC card for analog-to-digital (A/D) signal conversion.

Digital acquisition software enables the user to collect data quickly without the need for additional custom designed software.

Balance plates and jump plates are specialized force plates. Bertec Force Plates simultaneously measure three force components along the x, y, and z axes and three moment components about the x, y, and z axes for a total of six outputs. Balance and jump plates measure the vertical force and two moments which can be used to compute the Center of Pressure (CoP).

Package Standard Gait & Posture Package Standard Gait & Impact Package Standard High Impact Package
Ideal for Typical gait and posturography studies Gait, running, and jumping studies Sports science studies
Force Plate FP4060-07-1000 - highly sensitive plate with maximum load capacity of 5000 N (1000 lbs). FP4060-10-2000 - sensitive gait measurement capability, high natural frequency, and a load capacity of 10,000 N (2000 lbs) make this the ideal hybrid force plate. FP6090-15-2000 - large foot print (60cm x 90cm), high natural frequency, and load capacity (10,000 N) make this the ideal sports science force plate.
Amplifier AM6504 - four gain values (1,2,5,10) for the Analog/Digital board; suitable for a wide variety of subjects. AM6800 - seven gain values (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100) for low impact studies; and simultaneous analog and digital outputs can be use with or without motion capture. AM6800 - seven gain values (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100) for low impact studies; and simultaneous analog and digital outputs can be use with or without motion capture.
All include MP4060 - mounting plate that is made from precision cut aluminum for a truly flat and level surface (includes epoxy kit and all necessary mounting hardware).
FPA-10 - force plate-to-amplifier connection cable (10 meter cable with individually shielded twisted pairs for uninterrupted data transmission).
AMO-01 - BNC amplifier output cable for use with an Analog/Digital board.


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