Instrumented Treadmills

Bertec’s Fully Instrumented treadmill (FIT) reduces gait lab space requirements and eliminates the limitations inherent in a traditional gait walkway. Researchers and clinicians can perform numerous testing conditions in a compact 2 meter space with variable incline and speed settings.

Bertec’s FIT allows you to:


  • Eliminate long gait analysis walkways and reduce patient fatigue
  • Perform more efficient gait analysis studies in a smaller area
  • Avoid unreliable results by eliminating multiple steps on the same plate
  • Increase patient throughput
  • Test numerous conditions with the variable incline and speed options
  • Test uphill & downhill locomotion
  • Simulate tripping response
  • Measure full-body forces by adding fully instrumented handrails
  • Protect patients with adjustable handrails and optional overhead safety structure


To see videos of the FIT in action to analyze foot strike patterns, please visit Harvard University’s Running Barefoot project.

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