Jump Plates

Get the leading edge in jump force, power and height!

When precise biomechanical measurements are required, researchers and trainers trust Bertec to deliver accurate and reliable results. Jump force, power and height can make a huge difference in human performance training and can influence critical strains and stresses. Bertec force plates and biomechanics measurement technology capture the minute performance details that are invisible to the human eye and allow researchers and trainers to assess and track performance.

Jump plates have been used by researchers and trainers in sports, ergonomics, orthopedics, prosthetics, and rehabilitation to:

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  • Measure performance
  • Provide a quantitative benchmark
  • Compare individual results over time
  • Compare variations or techniques
  • Provide feedback during training

Jump Plates are Balance Plates modified to withstand high forces of impact. BP-series force plates output vertical force (Fz) and the x and y positions of the Center of Pressure (CoPx and CoPy) using a convenient USB cable.

Our extremely easy-to-use software is a powerful integrated tool that collects data from the jump plate and converts the results into useful analytics.

Advanced users in gait analysis, sports performance and ergonomics research rely on the additional data provided by our FP-series force plates. The FP-series force plate outputs all direct data channels (Fx, Fy, Fz, Mx, My, Mz) and additional information (CoPx, CoPy) needed for biomechanics calculations.

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