Legacy Balance Systems

Standing on Balance Plate

Increase your physician referrals and insurance reimbursements with objective measurements and documented patient progress.

Differentiate your practice by incorporating computerized, objective evaluation and documentation using convenient screening and training modules.

Improve patient outcomes with visual biofeedback training.

Human balance relies on a complex control system and the Bertec balance plates are essential to capture minute shifts for accurate and objective measurements. Bertec’s 3-component balance plates measure vertical force and the Center of Pressure (CoP).

Bertec balance plates are rugged, durable, easy to set-up and operate. Bertec balance plates have an adjustable foot to counteract uneven surfaces, and convenient markers on the top surface for foot alignment. Bertec balance plates are perfect for postural control and other studies of human balance. Balance plates are available as a stand-alone product or as part of our BalanceCheck™ system.

Each balance plate comes with data acquisition software and USB cable. The built-in 16-bit digital electronics allow you to easily acquire data using your computer’s USB port.

Physicians, physical therapists, audiologists, and geriatric specialists can now get meaningful results to identify weaknesses, to train patients and to track patient progress over time using the Bertec Balance Plate alone or as part of the BalanceCheck™ system.

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